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For over a decade Viscount Entertainments has been regarded as THE CHOICE for Street performers. We offer a comprehensive selection of Street Entertainment from around the world, please scroll down our listings for some inspiration or alternative email us and tell us about your event, we can then send you suggestions that we know will do a great job for you. We regular supply street entertainers to private events, corporate events, event management companies, other entertainment agents and local authority clients.


A fusion of video technology and street theatre.

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  Abigail Collins  
"Fire on the Nile" is a rare gem, an award winning one woman show that can be performed on a full stage show or at street level.
  Alan Doherty  
Portrait and Landscape painter producing semi-abstract work using mixed media.
  Albert Alchemy  

Excellent street shows.

Aliens Aliens  

Giger-inspired Aliens, based on the scariest movie-monster ever. We've 8 of the bitches ready and waiting to go. Terrifyingly realistic. Very involved costumes cost an absolute bomb to perfect, but the end product is stunning. Make excellent statues on the door too, and brilliant when combined with a squad of our marines. If space allows, fill a darkened room with smoke and a couple of strobes before leading guests through...

  Ampitheatre of the Arts Ltd  
Show combines kathak, African dance, acrobatics, clowning and aerial work depicting two love stories touched by HIV Aids.
  Angela Sidwell  
A sculptor working with natural materials modelled around a steel frame.
Anyone For Tennis Anyone For Tennis  
Wimbledon comes to your event with a pristine court, dead posh umpire and highly strung player looking to take on all comers. A hilarious but thrilling "one setter" is played out live before an enraptured crowd with all the drama of the real thing including slow motion replays, heated line calls and live commentary. Members of the audience in full costume play the parts of the challenger, ball boys and girls, physiotherapists, even royalty for the grand finale trophy presentation. This is an original fun installation to bring colour, comedy and interaction to festivals, city centres and sporting events. It works particularly well when given pre publicity through local press who are usually keen to run a story about a live tennis match on the high street ! Tech spec
Size the court is adjustable from 3x4m to 4x6m and can be laid and removed in 3 min 3X30min or 2x45min sets per day. Two performers, self contained for power, bananas and barley water.
Aqueous Humour Aqueous Humour  

Aqueous Humour is a physical street theatre company, bringing mayhem with grace to outdoor events. Headed by Tom Hogan, Aqueous Humour specialise in character and interactive performance. They have recently been awarded a 2 year Incubation programme at PANDA and aim to tour festivals and other events nationally and internationally in Summer 2004 .
Future plans include developing new larger scale work and consolidating their Winter Street Theatre educational programme for community groups.

Arabesque Arabesque  
Let us entice you into the world of the enchanted Birdcage. Two tropical lovebirds twist and entwine around their suspended hoop.
The Birdcage is a sensory intoxication of colour and sound. A 15 minute aerial hoop installation, it takes place on a freestanding golden rig, so versatile it is perfect for almost any occasion.
Minimum height needed: 4.5 metres. Floor Space needed: 4 metres X 4 metres. Level ground a necessity. PA required.
  Architects of Air  

Build a luminaria which is a monumental installation that people enter to be immersed in the beauty of colour and light.

Artic Attack Artic Attack  

A roped-together team of Arctic explorers, in a weird walkabout through the club and onto the stage. Our heroes then crank up their enormous snow-blowers and it’s blizzard a go-go! Gun-mounted strobes light the “snowflakes” as they’re fired -and there's SNOW ESCAPE! Very, very visual and totally unique – larger packages can include our enormous YETI for maximum madness. Now with choice of snow-type for those worried about cleaning.

Artizani Artizani  
Artizani has been producing exciting street theatre for over 12 years and offers a variety of performances for any venue. Artizani performs over 300 shows a year, and our performers have worked throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand. As well as The Cherubs, Punt! and stilt characters, Artizani offers a 30 minute street show, Syrovy, featuring one of Europe's few slack rope acts, and has extensive experience of publicity stunts, corporate entertainment and specially commissioned shows.
Graffiti artist experienced in producing from small to live scale, also available for commissions.
Avanit Display Avanti Display  
Since 1995, when the show was first created, Avanti Display have presented "The Spurting Man" on three continents and in Thirteen different countries.
  Axial Dance  

An intriguing dance theatre that perform in a cocoon of plastic reminiscent of a novelty snowstorm.

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Babe Arella Babe Arella  

Our dynamite duo's latest creations are a Fem-bot / Mars Attacks! / Barbarella influenced affair - exquisite metallic costumes, kitsch as you like. Bubble guns and blasters at the ready! We've also a number of alternative cyber babe costumes in other colour schemes.

Baghdaddies Baghdaddies  

The Baghdaddies pump out an eclectic fusion of rhythms and melodies plucked from around the world that are guaranteed to raise your spirits! Festival favourites, The Baghdaddies play Balkan gypsy with Middle Eastern flavours, shades of klezmer and tango, jazz and reggae plus a touch of ska - all laced with funky dance grooves and blistering eastern brass harmonies.

Marc Bant Marc Bant  

Mark is a multi-talented entertainer who can adapt to all surroundings and audiences. His skills include juggling, uni-cycling, stilt walking, diablo, fire eating and balloon modelling. He works as many different characters Mark a la cart- The Mad Chef, Jester, Comedy DIY, Footballer on stilts to name but a few.

Bash Street Threatre Bash Street Theatre  

Bash Street was first launched on to an unsuspecting 5,000-strong audience in the French town of Morlaix in 1991 as part of “Les Arts dans la Rue” international street festival. This first show, a compilation of sketches involving circus skills, live music and silent comedy, proved so popular that it created a style for the company that still exists today. Since 1991 Bash Street have performed to an estimated 300,000 people; they have been delighting audiences, both young and old, with their unique style of circus-theatre at festivals from Aberdeen to Aberystwyth, from Cardiff to Canterbury, from Leeds to Londonderry, and from Penzance to Poland. Over the years the company has built a reputation for inventive and fast-moving comic-strip shows. We have performed at major festivals throughout the UK, and many times in France, as well as in Luxembourg, Poland, Japan and Hong Kong.

Bassa Bassa Bassa Bassa Click here to hear them.

Leeds big band Bassa Bassa, described as "merchants of musical mayhem", have been around since 1987. In that time over 80 musicians have passed through the ranks of the band's brass and sax frontline with full rhythm section. Varying between 9 and 22 members (currently 14) the band has appeared at Glastonbury and WOMAD, made trips to France and Ireland, and featured in many festivals around the UK. They have also often brought their commitment to benefits and demonstrations for causes ranging from Drop the Debt back to the days of Anti-Apartheid, Nicaraguan Solidarity and the Poll Tax. Founded by Sam Paechter and Rachel Richman in 1987, the band caught the rising wave of World Music, but have never been easy to pigeonhole. Strong jazz foundations blend with blasts of ska, latin, African, and funk - always with a colourful and energetic stage presence of musicians who are obviously enjoying themselves.

  Battu Ballet  
A fusion of primitive rhythms and painted performance. Take a pinch of percussion, a drop of devilish dance, add in Victorian gothic practicality with a voodoo twist and you have got the potent mix that is Battu Ballet.
James Bazley James Bazley  

James is 29 years old and has been working full time as a professional Circus Skills Entertainer for nearly 10 years. In 2004 he went to Circomedia (Britain’s Leading Circus School for Circus Skills & Physical Theatre) to undertake a 1 year full time course to professionally develop my performance techniques and enhance my skills to an even greater level. During his career as an entertainer he have been a keen practitioner of Circus skills, dedicated to continually developing his teaching techniques as well as my performance. He have worked in a vast array of settings and places, both performing and teaching. Street Shows last for approximately 30 minutes of juggling dexterity using, Clubs, Knives, Diablo, Ball Spinning, Devil Sticks, Uni Cycling, Walking Globe, Hat Manipulation etc. A show not to be missed!

Beats of Polynesia Beats of Polynesia  

Beats Of Polynesia offers a professional, live, custom designed show. The client will be consulted on the nature of the event, the room capacity and the range of entertainment that might suit the occasion. The entertainment will. feature vibrant, colourful costumes, exciting, energetic drum dances and Pacific Island haka alongside graceful, charming action songs from the Pacific Islands to add an exciting, exotic – albeit romantic- flavour to any event. The client can chose to be entertained by an exciting completely live show featuring to pulsing beats of the log wood drums and traditional Ukulele's or music can be recorded and played on a sound system if the room is very limited. (Note; the quality of the sound will be significantly less if music is not live). The length of the show can vary from a couple of minutes to one hour per setting and this together with the number of dancers/musicians and the content of the performance is all set according to the clients wishes and will be confirmed once a consultation with the client has happened. They work to our clients wishes and often tailor/ re-choreograph numbers to suit each individual occasion. They pride ourselves in 'never giving the same show twice'.

  Bedlam Oz  

A world theatre company that animates spaces with style and elegance. Bedlam Oz has performed it's stunningly choreographed theatre in over 30 countries across 5 continents.

Bell and Bullock Bell and Bullock  

Bell and Bullock are performers and teachers of street theatre, circus skills, physical theatre and clowning. They founded "Bell and Bullock" and "Eezy Trapezy" with a start up grant from the Princes Youth Business Trust in the far off days of the Enterprise Allowance Scheme (1991). Since then they have been touring their unique style of Circus Theatre throughout Britain and abroad, as well as teaching children, youth and adult groups in many different community settings. In 1997 they received a grant from the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England for a new van to help them tour far and wide. Their training has included the School for Fools and Physical Theatre Courses at Fool Time/ Circomedia Centre for Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance.

Big Rory Big Rory  

Big Rory, the Scots giant with ‘power presence’ and bagpipes. Dangerous, but safe, and always hilarious. He is, quite possibly, the worlds best solo stilt act. Also with Ochie, his wayward mongrel there’s total confusion as the amorous mutt careers around, peeing on lamp posts and heaven knows what else.
“The most professional, hilarious, and wonderful acts we have ever had, an organiser’s dream booking!”.


An eight minute static act with a tropical bird theme, featuring a combination of trapeze and physical theatre.

An Edinburgh based performance company which has developed a reputation as a leading creator of exciting high quality work in non theatre spaces.
Bombay Baja Bombay Baja  
Bombay Baja are one of Europe's first Indian brass bands, they specialise in performing processions at festivals, Asian weddings, and other high profile events. The eight-piece brass band consists of musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds ranging from Bhangra to Jazz and Classical, they play a range of instruments including, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, dhol players and percussionists. The concept behind the band is based on traditional brass bands from the Indian sub-continent called Band Baja's. Band Baja's have become part of the Indian culture and play an essential role at any high profile event, they are regularly seen marching through the towns and villages dressed in their military outfits.

"Shoutband" combining UK's top jazz, funk, latin and ska trombonists.

Bongo Bolero Bongo Bolero  

Bongo Bolero perform extraordinary acrobalance and
acrobatics. Their unique circus acts are both exquisitely beautiful and uproariously funny. Always stylish and of the highest quality their shows are ideal for circus, street festivals, corporate functions and cabarets.

Boota Pardesi Boota Pardesi  

Every once in a while something powerful, exciting and full of attitude surges through the cholesterol-lined arteries of Bhangra Music. As we head towards another ambient period in our life, this aggressively menacing jolt in the form of Dance Music is pulsating straight from the nerve of one of the biggest and most successful bands of our times - Pardesi Music Machine...

  Brassa Nova  
Latin, New Orleans, Reggae, Happy Go Funky.
  Bright FX  

Golden Bhudda in shrine, ideal for Asian / Eastern themes.

Matt Brown Matt Brown  

Juggler, Fire Performances, Stilt walking, Balloon Modelling, Circus Skills Workshops.

Bruce Airhead Bruce Airhead  

Bruce Airhead... The metamorphosis of a man and a six-foot balloon. Bruce Airhead uses a voice-activated vacuum cleaner to inflate a six-foot balloon. Then to the crowd's disbelief, wearing only brightly coloured lycra shorts and choreographed to music. Bruce slides his toned Australian physique completely inside the balloon. First his head, then his torso until finally the last leg slowly disappears from sight. Once inside. A fast changing sequence of music leads to the explosive finish as the balloon bursts to reveal Bruce as Elvis Presley, in a jump suit with wig and sunglasses. This show can be adapted to suit different occasions. For example Bruce can emerge as Santa Claus and other personalities or corporate mascots.

Buddha Buddha  

A spectacular pyro-circus show that features acrobatics and a dazzling array of fireworks. Ignite is the perfect finale for festivals, large corporate events and very exclusive parties.

  Bureau of Silly Ideas  

An electric collection of creative people working to produce new and innovative street performances and community arts projects.

Butler and Brown Butler and Brown  

Butler & Brown enjoy nothing better than getting out there and getting their gloves dirty when it comes to atmosphere performance. They offer a slick approach and an inspiring commitment to involving the surrounding viewers. With over seven years of experience in family interactive entertainment, of all ages, they dive in at the deep end and always come out unscathed! Relying on their improvisational skills and quick wit, along with a good judge of character and a dollop of common sense, they take on all circumstances with hilarious result! Their flexibility and imagination lends themselves to adapting any conditions and requirements, to make any event a successful and remarkable one. Using magic, slapstick & banter, Butler & Brown will conjure up the unexpected from seemingly ordinary circumstances or not as the case may be!

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Circus Fudge Circus Fudge  
Washing machines that play music, human cannons that don't, and the legendary Ironing Board Of Death all feature in this explosive kaleidoscope of circus, music and comedy. With a collection of wacky props, hilarious timing and the greatest shoulders on earth, the witty, charming and oh so stupid hero takes to the stage in his quest to become the world's greatest daredevil stuntman.
  Circus Zapparelli  
Danny Zapparellis uni-cycle show includes magic, plate spinning, fire juggling, balloons and audience participation.
  Cirque Bijou  
Creators of circus and street performance from innovative stilt dance to large scale human pyrotechnic theatre.
  Circus Wonder  

Enter the world of the genuine Victorian freak show and meet the man who can breathe through his eyes.

Classical Statues Classical Statues  

Classical Greek or Roman, typically in Grey or white or bronze. Male and female.

Clucking Fantastic Clucking Fantastic  

Clucking Fantastic are a group of Chicken riders! They perform comedy crowd control for shows and festivals. The sight of two or three policemen riding chickens proves to be a great talking point with members of the public and their Cowboy themed chicken riders are really popular and would make an excellent addition to any event.

  Comic Character Creations  

Living Picture Frame, Pregnant Man, Tart and Vicar, Lost Ramblers, Rich Beggars, Hairy Flashers, Sleepwalkers.

Copper Statues Copper Statues  

Funny, realistic looking statues. Barcelona style, with a British twist.

  Creature Feature Productions  

Mask and Stilt street performance in a comic style.

Curious Eyebrows Curious Eyebrows  
Top quality juggling duo, ideal for street shows and festivals.
Cyclops Cyclops  

In a Ray Harry-Hausen stylee tribute, we bring you the Cyclops. Big, Ugly and pretty darn scary. We think he's just misunderstood. Muscular torso cast in foam, and utilising our new bouncy stilts wherever possible, this is a very impressive character. Looks brilliant when led on a leash by a naughty Greek lady - trust us.

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  Dark Horse  

The Big Heads are coming, giant latex heads with hyper extending tongues, disappearing legs and emerging arms.

Dhol Academy Dhol Academy  

A traditional Indian dhol drumming group, this ensemble have an amazing sound and wear traditional costume making them ideal for any carnival. The Dhol drummers can perform as a marching band or on a large stage. They can be fully acoustic or work to a soundtrack.

Dot Comedy Dot Comedy Time Team  

The Dot Comedy Time Team descend on your town centre. Uncovering interesting relics from the past, and formulating crackpot theories as how ancient communities existed From the exciting discovery of the 13 century nobleman's nasal hair extractor, to the iron age ironing board, their finds are displayed and extrapolated upon. They're digging a massive hole for themselves, will they find evidence of prehistoric activity? Or just end up, up to their necks in it? Only time will tell.

Dwarf Aliens Dwarf Aliens  

Real-live 4` classic Grey Aliens. Super-cute and cuddly - unless you're easily freaked. Completely unique, and reverse-engineered entirely in our Alien workshops. You won't find a better set of Aliens anywhere else on the planet.

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Electric Cabaret Electric Cabaret  

Electric Cabaret have a range of acts, costumes and characters. We also create bespoke characters for different themes. The Elementals, Giant Gold Statues That Roam The Earth, The Elementals Are Stilted Beings Formed From Solidified Molten Gold, Sometimes They Will Be Rolling A Huge Silver Ball Drastically Altering The Environment They Take It Upon Themselves To Change Location To Form New Sculptural Shapes In Different Places.

The Explorers The Explorers  

"He's been an awfully long time now sir"....Take a glimpse behind the scenes of a Great British polar expedition. Join our ice encrusted heroes on their tragic comic quest for the South Pole. See the equipment and organisation that enabled them to fail so magnificently. Witness real men with beards living together in tents. Heroic failure at it's finest.

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Fairly Famous Family Fairly Famous Family  

Three extraordinary, high energy, comedy street shows. Now Wash Your Hands: Mr. Armitage, Mr.Shanks and their two portaloos present a lavatory safety broadcast in this street theatre classic. Cheesy Rider: With 60's cocktail bar towed by an upholstered moped, Ronny and Kenny entertain with soda siphons, stylophones and outrageous style. New: Just In Case. Two sharp suited troubadours and their mysterious pile of identical boxes keep the surprises and the laughs coming.

Femaliens Femaliens  

Predator-like tentacles and a chrome silver finish lend these exotic Alienettes an air of vicious sophistication; fixing you with a gaze from their piercing blue-lazered eyes. Just don't try pinching their backsides.

Footballers Footballers  

Specially commissioned for Leicester City's promotion parade (that didn't last long, did it), and built with just 24 hours notice. An example of what we can provide for any last-minute bookings that come our way. Footballers themselves can be costumed in any team strip, and if you'd like we can provide a whole team for a kick-about - complete with massive balls.

Four by Four Four by Four  

The members of Four by Four have been performing together since 1984. They first become interested in bhangra dancing after becoming involved in a school project on the subject. The initial interest quickly developed into a serious hobby as the school group began to perform at local fetes and charity events. National and international acclaim followed with numerous dance championships won.

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Gaiety Engine Gaiety Engines  

A wolf boy, a squeamish fakir, a feline escapologist and a mermaid named Terence, these are but a few of the Gaiety Engines exhibits. Allow the dapper and demented Isaiah Crank and his mildewed assistant Trolley Boy to guide you through the last remaining Victorian freak show.

Gargoyles Gargoyles  

Fantastic, majestic new statues - straight from Gotham city cathedral! Eyes glow red on approach (if you dare approach, that is).

Lemmings The Grand Theatre of Lemmings  

The Lemmings are Internationally experienced performers who have a wide range of original stilt illusions that are very funny, highly interactive and slick. They include, the pushmi-pullyou, a life sized camel, two men in a tub and Neptune carrying a mermaid. They also specialise in visual street comedy including the Mad dog morris show, featuring chaotic giant dancing mannequins, a big hit in places as far afield as China and Turkey.

Grim Reapers Grim Reapers  

Brand new costumes - 2nd evolution Death. Even more massive than before and truly terrifying. Our Grim Reapers - yes, we have 2 - have piercing red eyes and huge scythes. Fibreglass skull and cast latex skeletal fingers have moved this costume up a notch or 2.

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High Hat Man High Hat Man  

A solo street theatre show: fast moving mime, silent comedy and improvised business with the public. Gentleman, rogue and elegant idiot, the High Hat Man has entertained audiences of all ages at festivals, street events and markets across Europe.

Hodhoza Band Hodhoza Band Click here to hear them
Hohodza band are an original African music and dance group, using both traditional and modern instruments. Our inspiration comes from both ancient and contemporary Zimbabwean music, and African cultural music in general. As a 13-member group, we specialised in different forms of Zimbabwean traditional dancing, including: We are now based in the UK, and have performed in South Africa, Belgium, England, Wales, and Holland. We have received wide acclaim wherever we have performed, and the reception is always incredible. When people come to our shows, we want them to get a feel of our traditional values, and when they leave we want them to feel as if they have just visited Zimbabwe and Africa.
Fraser Hooper Fraser Hooper  

Award winning clown Fraser Hooper has built a huge international following delighting audiences of all ages with his unique brand of contemporary clowning. After a glittering career in menswear and two years on the London cabaret circuit in the late eighties in the popular double act The Hoons, Fraser Hooper decided to go solo. 18 years on he is still playing to sold out theatres across the UK and at comedy and street festivals worldwide. Highlights include The Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Gwacheon Theatre Festival Korea, The National Theatre London, The QE2, The World Buskers New Zealand, and nearly every major street festival in Europe. With a nod to the great silent clowns he uses mime, audience participation, comedy juggling and eccentric dance delighting all ages in hilarious shows that receive rave reviews wherever he plays.

Horace X Horace X  

High Energy Reggae-Dance Fusion: a swirling twisting soundscape where wild Celtic, Gypsy and Asian fiddle tunes, reed splitting jazz/East European clarinet and sax, ragga chants and irresistible dance beats collide in a manic mix of organic and digital, live and sequenced, traditional and contemporary sounds. This and their famously frenzied stage show, with startling Day-Glo visuals, creates a completely unique sensory episode.

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Ice Queen Statue Ice Queen Statue  
In Search of the Yeti In Search of the Yeti  

Starring our team of hopelessly lost Himalayan explorers on the trail of the enormous Yeti. He's 9' tall and 6' wide, but they still can't spot him. Every so often he'll spy them, and they'll get a good clobbering. Can also perform snow show (Arctic Attack) with their enormous snow-blowing guns if required.

Incomposmentis Incomposmentis  

Cast off into the crochet world of Ada and Maud. Flushed with the success of their immense popularity, the grannies are back bringing more mayhem with their wheelchair madness, cheeky stilts and anarchic activities.

The Inspectors The Inspectors  

Drafted in from the depot at Burnley to help maintain order, the Inspectors won't let anything slip. Infallible, inflexible, never satisfied with a caution where a ticket will do, they humorously enforce their improvised set of rules.

The Invisible Man The Invisible Man  

The Invisible Man (T.I.M.) is a unique and visually awe-inspiring act. TIM is a multi-skilled performer that gives you a walkabout act and a magic cabaret all in one, producing outbreaks of laughter, gasps of amazement and occasional startled screams wherever he goes. TIM is totally professional, reliable and adaptable. He can 'appear' at any corporate or private event, however big or small, to amuse and mesmerise your guests or make your product truly and unforgettably visible.

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John H John H  
John H has been a street performer since 1994, he has taken his show across the world from Wellington, New Zealand to Linz, Austria. Based in London, John's show includes: juggling, diablo, comedy, balance ..... and a very large chainsaw! Through years of hard work and self-training, John perfected and homed in on this fine art.
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Larkin About Larkin About  

Specialise in comedy stilt and ground-based characters which combine high levels of skill and original ideas to create memorable street theatre. All the characters have been created with great attention to detail and most use a unique in-stilt stereo system for either music or vocal effects.

Little Big Top Little Big Top  

Quirky outdoor theatre using clowning and suitcase puppetry aimed particularly at under 5’s, and their families. A gardener opens the lid of her wheelbarrow to reveal a world where seeds grow into the most extraordinary plants and battle with slugs and other mischievous garden pests for survival.

Living Archway Living Archway  
The ultimate in statue installations, the arch consists of 2 delicately suspended figures woven together in a mass of decorative flowers. The impression is of exquisitely beautiful figures floating in the air. Extremely detailed make-up and costumes complete this ultra classy and unique piece of kit. Used across a doorway or entrance, the installation makes a high-impact first impression to an event. Can just as easily be sited as the centrepiece to a room, or even located outside for gatherings such as weddings. The figures normally sprinkle rose petals on people passing through the arch. Brand new and one-of a kind, you won't find this anywhere else - it`s the new pinnacle of living artwork. As seen at RSVP on the Partridge Design stand. The archway can also be customised if you have a party.
Liverbirds Liverbirds  

Make way for fifteen feet of verdigris and feathers. The legendary Liverbirds have come down from their lofty perches to sample life at street level. With their impressive gait and animated heads and beaks these towering birds make a stir wherever they go.

Long Arms Long Arms  

Like something from a surrealist nightmare, these Long-Arm weirdo's really aren't easy to categorise. Walking art installation? Red Pinstripe suits, huge long arms capped with massive clawing hands and a tortured, twisted head. Probably not suited to your average kid's birthday as they're bound to disturb, but their funny, freaky walkabout has gone down brilliantly both at festivals and in clubs that are looking for something a bit more thought-provoking. They're 4 lost souls reaching out for reassurance, misunderstood monsters who just want to be hugged – it’s up to you to come to the rescue and make them feel wanted; book them now.

Los Kaos Los Kaos  

The creatures: For the first time outside the world of films, four legged, animatronics, film quality, mythical beasts, complete with custom built sound equipment. Show stopping walkabout, one or two creatures with a herder which is available in a variety of different incarnations from Elf to alien, customised to fit your event. Also available from Los Kaos, Grannies, Devils, Martians and Imps.

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  Magic Tree Theatre Company  

The Magic Oak Tree is 8 feet tall and over 400 years old and has many animals living in and around it.

Mahoney Brothers Mahoney Brothers  

Separated at birth, reunited by chance, the twin Mahoneys perform both walkabout and shows with their unique incompetent charm. Effusive audience response to their unnatural antics throughout Europe has resulted in the ultimate accolade of their very own: French tribute group - Les Freres Mahonies.

  Manchester Company of Extreme Largeness  
Proud to present Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Fireshow.
The Mariners The Mariners  

The Mariners were inspired by the photographs of Frank Meadow Sutcliffe. The costumes and masks are finished to look like rusty iron corroded by the action of the sea. The five performers move with a heavy grace then pause to form new tableaux, three dimensional pictures of a lost past- a stirring tribute to those who worked and died in our maritime history.

Maynard Flip Flap Maynard Flip Flap  
Contemporary clown seeks audience for playful, interactive nonsense, from biscuit racing to coat hanger escapes, flying like Supernerd to the notorious egg catapulting stunts! This internationally acclaimed fool can cover most audiences and venues. Man in a box: The world's only living, fully interactive box. Wandering characters don't get more head-turning than this!
Mark Mark Mark Mark  
Shiver me Timbers. Prepare to be flummoxed and flabbergasted
Admiral 'Poop deck' Porter and Boson Bilge Bosom pitifully parade & pathetically perform the HMS Pinafore for your peripatetic pleasure. This Victorian masterpiece, first performed at the Opera Comique in 1878 has been beautifully butchered and blatantly blended. It has now become a crafty, boating, ocean going, spectacular!! Its loads of Fun in a Frigate! The only Liners are one-liners!! Or. Is it a load of old ship!!! Or. Losers in cruisers!!! You decide! It is after all ‘Nautical Nonsense’.
Men In Black Men In Black  

The suits, the shades, the guns. Giant-sized MIB's with an array of gadgets to prod you with. Variety of weapons, steel guns fire pyrotechnic charges where suitable, great for battling / interacting with some of our Aliens - or on the door.

Metal Meter Maid Metal Meter Maid  

Don't hang around, a ticket and on the spot fine is awaiting.

Mike Hancock Mike Hancock  
Innovative musical walkabout street theatre where live songs express the inner dreams wrapped in a uniform of authority.
Minotaur Minotaur  

We've gone all Greek on you now, couldn't really leave our dear old Cyclops with nobody to scrap with, could we? Another big, hairy monster - with huge horns as well - busted fresh out of his labyrinthine lair. Book him if you dare!

Mischief La-Bas Mischief La-Bas  

Mischief La-Bas is a performance company specialising in an interactive style of 'walkabout theatre'. Performers mingle face to face with the audience at events, reacting in character to every eventuality. Each scenario is called a 'manifestation' and, with a huge range of hilarious characters, there's sure to be a manifestation to suit you!

Miss Behave Miss Behave  

Mistress of Ceremonies, Cabaret, Variety, and Festival shows
Cabaret: 5-30 mins (silent or verbal- english and/or german) Festival: 25-60 mins (english and/or german). As seen on: The Tonight Show, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Guinness World Records
“Great Act!” Liza Minnelli. When you enter the world of Miss Behave you can experience Sword swallowing, Physical Comedy, Eccentric Dance, Escapology, Audience Participation, Songs, and Fabulous Music. Not to mention her oddities and one of a kind skills that will make your event a unique experience you will never forget. Both shows require relatively small spaces, and am flexible to work with space that is provided.

Mr Mike and Mr Maynard Mr Mike and Mr Maynard  

'Lost' Mr. Mike and Mr. Maynard are lost: masters of the misplaced. Lost buttons, lost dogs, lost voices, even their mission is missing. 'Lost' is packed with visual trickery, superb fooling, delicious live songs and silly stories, two hedgehogs dating, a surgical trip inside Mr Mike's head, a dog auction and a six foot bunny singing Elvis.

Mummies Mummies  

Straight out of a B-Movie and direct to your A-list event. A truly rotten band of bound bodies. Glowing red eyeballs, and thrash-Zombie dancing abilities complete the look, and they've even got a set of bandaged instruments for good measure. Set them loose outside and watch traffic grind to a halt.

Musical Ruth Musical Ruth  

An amazing mobile piano driven around by Sister Ruth, a madcap nun who can stop and entertain any group of people using comedy patter, hilarious dance moves, facial contortions, sound effects and unusual renditions of all your favourite songs. A mix and mingle comedy act performed on an extravagantly decorated baby grand piano built on to an electrically powered vehicle! Suitable for all indoor and outdoor events.... access permitting. Visually stunning and once witnessed never forgotten!

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Ostrich Jockeys Ostrich Jockeys  

Brand-new revamped characters, now with animatronic eyes and bouncy-stilts. Specially cast foam puts these on a par with creature shop - headlined V this year with the Scissor Sisters and some of Jim Henson`s finest. These amazing birds are normally piloted by Battle of Britain Wing-Commander type chappies - helmets / moustaches etc. However, we can offer a choice of rider-style if you've a particular theme - i.e.. Cavemen, 70`s style, Arctic explorers. Very funny walkabout.

Oxiris Samba Band Oxiris Samba Band Click here to hear them.

Oxiris are from the Wirral and have performed at many festivals, events and carnivals since their formation in 2002. They perform regularly throughout the North West. They have taken part in a feature film starring Craig Charles, Brendan McKay (Touching The Void) Michael Angelis, Kate Robbins and Lee Boardman (Ex Coronation St).

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  Panic Circus (Puppets and Clowns)  
The panic circus is an outfit centred around Prof. Chris Panic.

18 piece Samba Band.

Phat Skater Boys Phat Skater Boys  

Yes, we've gone all fat in 2006. How about a squad of sizeable skater dudes on heavy-duty electric-powered skateboards – well you wouldn’t expect guys this size to be capable of much exercise, would you? Brilliant if you've got a bit of space to fill – ideal for precincts and universities.


A grand Bollywood Musical with a small Brit-Asian love story.

Pierrotters Pierrotters  

The worlds only remaining professional Pierrot troupe recreating the traditional seaside concert party for today’s audiences. With their bracing mix of songs, sketches, music hall routines, rock and roll and comic mayhem, the Pierrotters provide a unique experience guaranteed to make your event unforgettable.

Pirates Pirates  

Har-har, and all that. Landlubbers beware! Peg-legged Captain Kraken and his salty shipmates have boarded – abandon ship! Accordion-playing pirate available too if you'd like a bit of music.

The Pixies The Pixies  

Renowned for being mischief makers and for their wicked sense of humour, the Pixies will have you clutching your sides with laughter as they babble on about everything and nothing in their hilarious squeaky voices. They sing, they dance, they tell jokes, and they perform magic. Their talent is endless, as is their ability to keep talking. The pixies is a static installation show/walkabout act suitable for all ages and events both indoor and out.

Poles Apart Poles Apart  
Poles Apart Musical stilt company has a theme to suit all occasions, such as Scurvy Sea Dogs (Pirates), Dead Victorians, Sgt Peppers, Medieval Minstrels, Imperial British Soldiers, Punch and Judy, Tip Top Toffs (1920's Jazz band) and Santa's Winterland band. Instrumentation is sousaphone, banjo, saxes, trombone, percussion. 2 piece walkabout or 3-6 piece stilt band.
Polynesian String Band Polynesian String Band  
A recent addition to the Beats Of Polynesia unique realm of entertainment is the hugely popular Polynesian String Band. The ‘String Band’ can transfix any crowd with the unique, exotic sound of traditional ukulele and guitar playing used to accompany the rich, golden voices of our Polynesian men. The Beats Of Polynesia String Band sings a mixture of traditional upbeat, and slower melodies all designed to accentuate the mood of any event. Within the exciting repertoire of songs, these talented men include music and lyrics from Tahiti, the Cook Islands and Hawai’i. As an added visual aid to the music, a client may choose to have one Polynesian beauty gracefully dance in accompaniment. ‘Highly recommended as an exotic sound to greet guests. True Island flavour!’ Come and experience the sounds of the Pacific! Polynesian String Bands Overview: ‘From Tonga to Cook Islands to Tahiti, string bands exemplify the laidback Polynesian attitude toward life. Groups of musicians are still found playing at social gatherings of all kinds: dances, BBQs, kava parties, youth festivals and competitions. Small choruses sing in a soft falsetto. Bands incorporate various adopted instruments such as the ukulele, the backbone of the string band, and guitar. Ukuleles and guitars were introduced to Polynesia beginning in the late 1800s, and by the 1920s strumming under palm trees had become a favourite pastime. Though string bands were initially devoted to playing parties and clubs or backing dance troupes before electricity was widely available, the increasing popularity of electric bands and local pop and hip-hop variations hasn't completely blotted out the large-band format. If anything, tourism has provided more opportunities for gigging string bands to make a living with many Polynesian restaurants and wedding sites highlighting the region's bands. National Geographic'
Poppet Puppets Poppet Puppets  

Traditional stories told and time honoured techniques taught by two terrific storytellers in and around a magical booth lavishly decorated and full of surprises.

Professor Seltsam Professor Seltsam  

Professor Seltsam is a man with a unique and quite unbelievable understanding of science. He has taken a sabbatical from his position as senior lecturer of applied absurdity at Quatsch University and embarked on his Global Lecture Tour. You have been warned! Since starting his tour the Professor has dumbfounded audiences on the street, at cabarets, clubs and conventions, festivals, fairs and fun-days. Despite his complete lack of success or formal qualifications he has no hesitation in tackling the weighty scientific issues of the day such as teleportation, mind over matter and the Big Bang. Suitable for all the family, his lecture is lively, amusing and a continuous surprise both to the audience and to the Professor himself!

The Punt The Punt  

Two Oxbridge undergraduates descend from their ivory towers and are off for a relaxing punt. Blissfully unaware of reality and physics, the boat drifts down busy streets as they regale and serenade the public. This promenade performance is based on an adapted electric vehicle, which can cover quite a large area if required - it works both as a surreal image glimpsed from a distance and as comic interaction. The punt requires a relatively flat surface. The punt also works as the "Ferry over the river Styx" - for Halloween or any ghoulish event - dressed with cobwebs and creepy crawlies. With Death standing in the stern and his faithful servant at the helm the boat drifts along on its way to the Underworld.

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Raise The Roof Raise The Roof  

Event creativity, infrastructure and production. Conception and direction of and suppliers to Festivals and Events of all sorts. Pictured above is Peggy, a large scale sculptural piece created by Ali Allen and Marise Rose, which is one of a number of pieces available for hire.

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Rupert Sabastian Rupert Sabastian  

Rupert's juggling skills are second to none and even include a unique 5 football routine as well as Fire Torches, Rings, Clubs and regular balls. Balancing routines are performed on Rola-Bola and Walking Globe. He can run workshops on all of these skills. No matter what the venue, audience or function he always adds a colourful element of pure entertainment!

Sambranga Sambranga  
Sambangra were formed around a core of professional musicians in 1997 for the BBC 'Music Live' Festival. Our unique new blend of Asian and Brazilian styles uses Samba percussion (surdos, snares, timbaus, roccars and tamborims) plus Asian & African drums - djembes, dohls, talking drum, dohlak etc. - in a range of formats from street band to stage band with bass, keyboards, strings, vocals and guests. "Sambangra's fusion of disparate music from opposite sides of the world was far more than just a fascinating curiosity… a hypnotic, thundering performance." - Chris Lee, Manchester Evening News.
The Ski Band The Ski Band Click here to hear them

5 professional musicians who like playing music, skiing and having fun! Trumpet, Trombone/accordion, Tenor Sax, Sousaphone and Drums. The Skiband is made up from members of two storming festival bands, The Brasshoppers and the Real Macaws. Calypso, ska/reggae, funk & pop performed with a serious sense of humour ... the skiband bring their own irresistible party !

Sir Lupin of Pipwithers Sir Lupin of Pipwithers  

A medieval Stilt walker with a difference. Sir Lupin is a Knight in Armour who has lost his horse and so must be carried on the heads of his quietly muttering peasants. Available in red, blue or green to suit your event. TV appearances include: Heno, Weekend Ahead, Sesiwn Fawr, BBC London News, Look East, The Racing Channel. And just in case of a serious downpour: Oily Allweathers, a waterproof stilt costume, always carried in the van because you never know.

Brett Sirrell Brett Sirrell  

Brett can Juggle, make things magically disappear, unicycle, walk on stilts, escape from chains and make great balloon animals. Great skills tied together with a huge ability to ENTERTAIN! In 1996 Brett graduated from The University of Birmingham and created a business providing professional entertainment. Brett quickly realised that many entertainers get away with little more than just basic skills and often have little consideration about how they are perceived by an audience. Furthermore, clients are often unaware of what is really, really good, as opposed to just plain average. The difference to Brett was clear and it was time to set a new standard. Brett wants his audience to see the difference and continually aims to inject a truly special factor to his work, supplying a smart, reliable and brilliant entertainment package which clients can rely on and that will be wholly appropriate to the audience. Brett has successfully provided professional entertainment to top corporate clients across the U.K. for over 10 years creating a fun and enjoyable experience for anyone who has been part of the show. "Smart, Bright and Colourful Entertainment!".

  Slim and Slam  

Good quality street shows.

Space Cadets Space Cadets  

Specialise in designing and constructing incredible inflatable structures. They are constantly developing unusual, imaginative ways of transforming spaces into visually exciting and colourful places. They work with festivals, local authorities, galleries, night clubs, theatres, and parades. They can work with you to realise your ideas whether it be transforming a venue, park or stage or designing a new structure.

Space Rockets Space Rockets  

Bit silly, these! But very funny all the same. Retro-styled comic book Rocket Ships, with a little green man at the controls. See them spin! Can be branded with logo.

Splott Brothers Splott Brothers  
Fun packed stylish comedy for all ages set to live music. Brother George is the Maestro of piano and king of cheese while David Id performs front of house cooperesque magic, sand dancing and daring cabaret. Lots of audience participation and comic improvisation.
Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty  

Huge, convincing American Icon. Complete with large podium - an impressive sight indeed!

Strangelings Strangelings  

With their unique blend of visual theatre and well observed comedy Strangelings reputation for high quality street performance continues to grow.

  Stretch People  

Stretch People are an original comedy double act, a perfect balance of stupidity and great skill.

Stormtroopers Stormtroopers  

If you're looking for a futuristic blast, check out our new squad of space troopers. Choice of pyro-firing or fun weapons. Mock searches, stage invasions, boss kidnappings or just on the door. They can be serious or stupid as required - or we can provide them as a team of dwarves. That'll be a SQUAT team, then.

Syrovy Syrovy  

Syrovy enters the space and everyday objects conspire against him: newspapers become sails, there is a waterfall of cutlery, he dances with chairs and clothes confound him. Eventually he ascends into sanity and finds balance on a wobbling bouncing rope. The show is inspired by the comic routines of Buster Keaton, Harpo Marx and W.C. Fields and is both spectacular and meticulously detailed.

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Tim Foolery Tim Foolery  

Tim Foolery has been performing his unique style of quirky and innovative circus and street theatre performance for over a decade. He has an exciting array of shows roving performances and circus workshops on offer. His Main show is currently Frank Dappers Flight of Fancy this forty minute piece of circus theatre surrounds the misadventures of our hero frank dapper and the maiden voyage of lady penelope the worlds first flying machine. The show is a circus theatre spectacle involving fire juggling, audience participation and a very tall unicycle.

Thomas Trilby Thomas Trilby  

Thomas Trilby can offer fire & knife juggling . 5ft unicycle . escapology . audience participation comedy . magic and circus workshops where you could have a go at juggling . unicycles . minibikes . stilts . plate spinning . diabolo . flower sticks . and much more. He's ideal for fetes . festivals . corporate events . shopping centres etc etc.

The Top Bananas The Top Bananas  

Jungle-themed band features “Jumping Monkey” on spring-loaded stilts. Jazz, Funk, Disco & Ska Classics all get The Top Banana treatment. Our musicians have many years of professional and international live music and stilt experience at all kinds of festivals, events and openings. Five-piece band of harmony vocals, oil-can guitar, horns, bass instrument & percussion (with smaller groupings available). Self-contained, electro-acoustic (no PA required). Based in Brighton and able to travel anywhere. Outdoor or indoor, walkabout or stage. MU/Equity members. Public liability insured.

The Tourists The Tourists  

Terry and Derek Bell (AKA Tel and Del Bell) are good old salt of the Earth, lovable East end cockney geezers. Truth is they don’t get out of London much. In fact this is their first time! Having won a competition in “The Sun” newspaper to attend your event, in your town, they are completely besides themselves with happiness. Enjoy the delights of watching Tel and Del as they Marvel at all the new and exciting things they find on their first trip away. Always on the lookout for a good photo to take home and show the family! Always after a bit of sunshine to top up the ever reddening tan! And always after some decent chips with a nice bit of gravy and mushy peas! The Tourists are loud and hilarious, cheeky and charming. Full of spontaneous wit and some good old jokes. They are a hit at any event.

TV Heads TV Heads  

Bizarre walkabout characters; part man, part telly. Funny thing is, thanks to a camera mounted on the TV, what you see on-screen is yourself. Very puzzling indeed. These avant garde, slightly camp gentlemen make an excellent alternative walkabout for those seeking instant TV stardom. Could be classed as a robotic or mime act.

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The Wardens The Wardens  

Colin and Tom Jones (Not “THE” Tom Jones!) are twin brothers. From a very young age they would play for hours on end at being Wardens. Impounding each other’s toy cars and clamping the rocking horse or prosecuting each other for any minor misdemeanour they could think of. It was no surprise that they became fully fledged Wardens when they grew up. But some say they take their job just a little too seriously. No one is safe! They have been empowered with the jurisdiction to enforce any rule or law they see fit. These may include: Breathing too loudly, Walking on the cracks in the pavement without a permit, walking without due care and attention, wearing a loud shirt in a built up area, possession of an offensive child, whistling or humming an infectious song, walking whilst using a mobile phone, or stopping in a no stopping area. Cars and pushchairs can fall foul of bad parking, speeding, balding tyres, or simply be pulled over for a random safety check! Watch out or you may find that you end up with a ticket! Immaculately turned out, they wear their uniforms with pride. The Wardens are loud, bold and colourful and will gather crowds as they administrate their ridiculous rules and regulations. Perfect for any event indoors or out.

  Walk the Plank  

Create outdoor shows, site specific work and touring shows. as well as operating as the UK's only theatre ship.

What a Palaver What a Palaver  

A comedy speciality duo, able to draw upon an extensive repertoire of routines (bed of nails, juggling, fire eating, uni-cycling, stilt walking and more) in order to entertain any kind of audience for any event. Something a little bit different, but a lot of fun.

Whispering Trees Whispering Trees  

Absolute sure-fire shocker. Brilliant either side of an entrance, watch the queue jump! Now with xmas lights.

Wild Wild West Wild Wild West  

Brand new boldy-coloured fun stilt characters. Oversized hats and headdresses, very exotic - would also suit carnival theme. We've 2 Giant Red Indians, a yellow Mexican, blue Cowboy plus some rather gorgeous Cowgirls.

The Workers The Workers  

Inspired by Soviet Realist imagery these burnished bronze statues are a celebration of the worker. They come to life creaking along with a steady mechanical rhythm, then pause to become statues once more, surprising, delighting and enchanting onlookers.

The Wrong Size The Wrong Size  

The Wrong Size use stilts and aerial skills as a starting point to create stunning visual spectaculars, indoor theatre pieces and character based walkabout acts. Our work is international, humour being a bridge for the surreal and abstract, thus making it accessible. We aim to reach a wide audience as well as creating new ones. By allowing circus to be influenced by other forms such as Butoh, Yoga, Suzuki and text based theatre we have developed a unique company style, defining our work as off the ground, in suspension, dancing with gravity.

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Yeti Yeti  

He's big, he's bad, he's born again for 2005. Not just a new coat, this time our famous Yeti monster has had a complete framework rebuild - he's gained a bit of mass in the process, and we've revamped him all over. Check him out in the Scissor Sisters DVD - he's even played the Albert Hall with them this year! Not actually on stilts, but 9' tall and 6' wide, so he might as well be. Jointed mechanical construction, incredible outfit, our single most popular character - especially with the ladies, who just love to hug the big teddy bear. 15 minutes in this will lose you a stone! Could be mistaken for a Bigfoot, otherwise known as the Abominable Snowman.

Zukini Zukini  

Zukini's shows will suit any occasion indoors or out and can all be performed with the "Zukini Set". This consists of a boldly coloured backdrop with amply sized and roped off performance area and a powerful fully independent PA system. Eye catching, impressive and a perfect focal point for any event.

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