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  Janet Jackson Shakira  
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  Michael Jackson Ronnie Beharry  
  Michael Jackson Anthony Edwards  
  Michael Jackson Initial MF  
Anthony Jackson Michael Jackson Anthony Jackson  
Michael Jackson tribute Anthony appeared on "Stars In Their Eyes" in 1997 , and has since gone on to perform his incredible Michael Jackson tribute all over the world. He is a Jacko lookalike , soundalike and dancealike , as his tribute takes you through all the fantastic hits like : "Billie Jean" , "Blame It On The Boogie" , "Beat It" , "Bad" , "Rock With You" , "Dirty Diana" , "Thriller" , "Black Or White" , "Smooth Criminal" , "The Way You Make Me Feel" and many more of Michael's smash hits. Click here for video clip.
Glenn Jackson Michael Jackson Glenn Jackson  
Glenn’s astonishing replicated dance moves will leave you open mouthed with amazement and with his meticulous precision to his looks, he will have you believing the King of Pop really has risen again. Having started his career on ITV’s hit TV show, “Britain’s Got Talent,” Glenn has gone on to deliver his breath-takingly thrilling performances all over the UK and has since been demanded internationally for appearances to celebrate the life of his idol. After performing for the Jackson family in 2008, Glenn’s flame was ignited further after being praised for his performance by the superstar himself during an astonishing phone conversation. Glenn Jackson promises to continue the legacy of Michael Jackson through his pure energy, passion and enthusiasm to dance.
Experiencing one of Glenn Jackson’s astounding performances will leave you up-standing and wanting more of the pure genius ability.
Mikki Jay Michael Jackson Mikki Jay Click here to hear them.
Mikki Jay began to portray Michael Jackson in 1992, the close vocal and physical resemblance being the deciding factor, Mikki has since emerged as one of the most popular and prolific entertainers in this field. Demand for quality impersonators in the last decade has been huge, the accuracy in looks, voice and dance confirms this act a premiere position in the world of tribute. Covering all aspect of live entertainment from theatre to television, concert to cabaret. Travelling extensively throughout the united kingdom and abroad, Mikki has performed for royalty, toured with the Legends band, performed live as Michael Jackson in "The Legends of rock" and "Rock stars of today". Mikki recorded the voice over on "Heal the World" and "You are not alone" for the Task Force Albania video featuring HRH The Duchess of York and produced by the wonderful John Van-Wheelan as seen on "This is your Life" BBC1.
  Michael Jackson Navi  
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The Jam'd The Jam The Jam'd Click here to hear them.

The Jam'd started as a 3pce 'punk' type band, playing all sorts of stuff from The Buzzcocks to The Sex Pistols etc. under the name "Dirty Molly"!! Then one day we had a go at a Jam track well, that was it ! We got about a dozen 'Jam' tracks together for a festival we had been invited to play at in Herefordshire, (Nozstock brill check out their website !) and we've not really wanted to play anything else since!! So that was it, the first "Jam'd" gig!! Anyway, we are enjoying every minute of it, so if you want to come and experience an authentic 'Jam' gig, with all the energy and passion of Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler, then look out for us! "The Jam'd"!! Hope to see you soon.

The Jam DRC The Jam The Jam DRC Click here to hear them.

The Jam DRC - Direction, Reaction, Creation This is the real deal We Live and breath the jam We only ask that you use your eyes and ears.

New Age Jam The Jam New Age Jam Click here to hear them
There are two essential aspects to a successful tribute band:- Firstly to acknowledge a group that people want to hear and secondly to sound like the band in question. A third factor to look like your heroes helps, but it's not that crucial. The new age Jam meet all three criteria, trust me. As someone who saw The Jam five times between 1977 and 1981 these boys are the nearest you'll get to the real thing. Nationally hailed as one of the best in the business, the lads from Teeside have built a large following throughout this region, with South Shields being one of there favourite areas. The brilliance of Paul Weller is laid bare in The new age Jam's energetic set.
Setting Sons The Jam Setting Sons Click here to hear them
Relive the excitement, feel the energy and experience the power of a real live show with Setting Sons, without doubt the most authentic and true tribute to The Jam. For over two years, Setting Sons have enabled fans of The Jam to hear all their favourite songs in a ‘live’ situation. Close your eyes and let us take you back 20 years, to an era where music was real and attitudes were hard.
The Undergoung Jam The Jam The Underground Jam  
Formed in July 2003 after a chance meeting at a gig for another Jam tribute band ‘The Underground Jam’ have gone from strength to strength and have rapidly built up a strong following. The band members are Jam fanatics and have created a raw and authentic live Jam sound that takes you right back to 1977!
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Jamirroquai Jamiroquai Jamirroquai Click here to hear them
The comparisons to the actual band are unbelievable. The show is so close to the original, if you closed your eyes you would think you were back in Verona. However with this band you don't need to close your eyes, with the exact looks, mannerisms and vocals, could this be Jay Kay just pretending? It doesn't stop there, closer inspection reveals a turbulent past with band members coming & going before completing this line up, the evidence is mounting... Add the cars & Jack Daniels, the hats, the dancing & singing at any given moment & you have to ask yourself, "is this the real deal"? Jamirrorquai will have you funking out to the best dirty rhythms, phat bass lines and disco melodies. The set ranges from a 1 or 2 hour solo show to a 1 or 2 hour full band extravaganza. Both shows cater for fans old & new.
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Cold Flame Jethro Tull Cold Flame Click here to hear them
Cold Flame are undoubtedly one of the most exciting, energetic, dedicated and original progressive rock bands performing in the north of England today. Formed in November 1984, they have established themselves, despite occasional line up changes, as one of the most hardworking and innovative bands on the circuit playing all over England and also more recently in Europe whilst releasing a number of acclaimed original studio and live albums all of which remain available see details elsewhere on the website. For the last six years Cold Flame have successfully performed their renowned Jethro Tull tribute show and the band are now acknowledged as the leading Jethro Tull tribute act in the north of England whilst the band's original music continues to impress the music media as well as the audiences attracted to the band in both live performances and in studio recordings. In fact Cold Flame represent a wealth of live and studio experience covering more than two decades i.e. past and present members of the band have played and recorded with seminal cult rock group Janus who gained several gold and platinum album awards in the 1970's on Harvest Records throughout Europe. Bassist and founder member Patrick has recorded two solo albums to date whilst recently flautist Peter completed work on his first solo album. Members of the band have been featured on Sky and terrestrial T.V. music specials, gigged with members of the River Dance troupe and also played alongside ex-10cc and Jethro Tull drummer Paul Burgess as well as working with ex Tull members Clive Bunker and Mick Abrahams. The band has also done its fair share of support slots to some of the world's more illustrious rock acts including recently guesting with Uriah Heep on their UK tour.
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  Billy Joel Songs in the Attic  
  Billy Joel Paul Savage  
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Marcus Andrew Elton John Marcus Andrew Click here to hear them.
West Midlands based Marcus Andrew (Equity Member) auditioned In 2002 for ITV1's “Stars In Their Eyes” and reached the final selection stage (last 100 out of the 30,000 applicants). Currently represented throughout the UK and Internationally, Marcus has played many prestigious venues including the Paragon Hotel London (Official Fireman's Ball 2004), Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland (working with Jimmy Tarbuck), the Radisson Edwardian Hotel London (working with comedian Jimmy Carr) and many major hotel chains. His look, vocals and mannerisms are second to none to the man himself. He works consistently throughout all areas of the UK working with many of the top fellow look-a-likes and tribute artists. During the summer time Marcus plays at over 20 holiday parks and travels to Spain to perform two 6 date back-to-back mini tours of the Costa Del Sol . Marcus has a complete self-contained show with the highest quality PA with fantastic lighting and lasers during the performance. He can perform over 20 of Elton's greatest hit songs emulating the costume, charisma and unique-style showmanship of the legendary performer himself.
Bootleg Elton Elton John Bootleg Elton Click here to hear them.
The Ultimate Elton John tribute act based in Scotland.
John Ellis Elton John John Ellis  
John Ellis is a musician with many years experience. An accomplished pianist and vocalist performing from the age of 14 John has worked in sixties pop groups, dance bands, duos and as an hotel pianist. Johns tribute to Elton John has a combination of three elements unique in the music scene today. The ability to play live piano, sing and look like Elton. John's flamboyant showmanship captures the mannerisms and charisma of the man himself, performing the best loved hits from PINBALL WIZARD..... YOUR SONG..... CANDLE IN THE WIND..... DANIEL...... ROCKET MAN..... IM STILL STANDING..... SACRIFICE........ GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD...... To the current I WANT LOVE and ARE YOU READY FOR LOVE......the list goes on and on.
Jon's Elton Elton John Jon's Elton  
Jon’s Elton is a show, which is not just a musical tribute to his hero but a true spectacular, featuring a computer controlled light show, state of the art sound system and top quality costumes made by one of Britain’s top Costumiers. In a rollercoaster ride through over three decades of Elton classics, Jon superbly recreates the style, feel and incredible flamboyant energy of Sir Elton himself. From all out rockers to romantic ballads this is a show that can be tailored to suit any venue and any occasion, be it a private party or corporate cabaret. Jon’s genuine love for the music of Elton John, coupled with his own skill as a musician and showman, make this the ultimate tribute.
  Elton John Dieter Graham  
  Elton John Dougie Holland  
  Elton John Paul E John  
  Elton John Andrew Oliver  
Bobby Paul Elton John Bobby Paul Click here to hear them.
A fantastic tribute to elton john featuring bobby paul live vocals, live piano, costume changes, concert p.a. lighting. The only alternative.
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  Tom Jones Simon Abbots  
A-tom-ic Jones Tom Jones A-tom-ic Jones Click here to hear them.
A-TOM-IC JONES & The Explosive Reload Orchestra is the ultimate live Tom Jones experience, featuring some of the country’s finest musician’s, lead by the very energetic and charismatic A-TOM-IC JONES, who possesses a voice full of power and raw energy. “The Voice of a Young Tom Jones” Gary Bushell, The Sun, “The Closest Voice you will ever hear to Tom Jones” Tony Blackburn, are just a few of the comments that have already been made. A-TOM-IC JONES, alias Glen Leon, has over the last few years been touring the world as a well sought after session singer, working for such recording companies as Sony, EMI, Warner Bro’s & WEA, as well as appearing as an accomplished singer in his own right.
  Tom Jones Tony Gold  
  Tom Jones Martin Goodyear  
Martin Jarvis Tom Jones Martin Jarvis Click here to hear them.
Martin Jarvis - is - the ultimate Tom Jones tribute artiste looks like him - sounds like him - moves like him the only Tom Jones tribute artiste you will ever need is... ... Martin Jarvis seeing is believing -- hearing is believing --seeing him live is --unbelievable ."Tom-tastic" the brilliant new album --- now on sale --- on the castle-pie label. Television-concerts-shows-clubs-hotels-weddings-surprise parties--whatever the occasion--wherever the location--you will be amazed at the reaction. The best just keeps getting better.
Billy Lee Tom Jones Billy Lee  
After Billy's appearance on "Stars In Their Eyes" in 1998, He has taken the Country by storm with the most dynamic impersonation ever of the Welsh singing star. Billy's show has taken him all over the World and has given him many TV appearances over the last few years, including the Labour party conference which was televised on the National news in 1999.With a repertoire which includes; It's Not Unusual, Kiss, Delilah and Sexbomb, Billy never fails to get an audience up for a good time at any event. When impersonating a "superstar" with a voice like Tom Jones, the most important thing is being able to musically "pull it off" and Billy does this with surprising ease, even to the point of being asked to "demo" recordings for the man himself. Whether it's Corporate, Clubs, Cruises or the Hotel circuit, Billy's ability to be able to adapt to the venue and audience is what has made him the most popular and most "in demand" Tom Jones Tribute in Europe today giving him the nick name "The Gov'nor".
Danny Owen Tom Jones Danny Owen Click here to hear them.
Danny shares something with Tom Jones, that he was born in south Wales , close to the Caerphilly Mountain. He appeared recently as Tom Jones while on tour with Danny La Rue- he was Tom to Danny La Rue's Shirley Bassey. It stopped the show every night !!! This show is truly dynamic and full of sex appeal!
John Prescott Tom Jones John Prescott Click here to hear them
With a musical background including the writing and release of material on Detonation Records and People sound since the 80’s you can be assured John Prescott will provide a musical feat which will leave you breathless. Living in Wales, coming from a building trade background, the looks and the voice you could easily mistake John for the real Tom Jones "an event that happens quite often". John is the only Tom Jones Tribute act who is a dead ringer for Tom Jones. John has also had many TV appearances including Stars and their Doubles, Sky TV-UK Living, Coronation Street, to name but a few. John has also appeared in many UK venues, he stole the show at BBC Music Live, with his hot blooded performance at the Millennium, and continues to bring down the house where ever he performs.
Danny Roman Tom Jones Danny Roman Click here to hear them

Danny Roman has quickly become established as one of this country's finest tribute acts having appeared on countless theatre, stadium and corporate events. As Tom Jones, Danny not only possesses the charisma and sex appeal of the real thing, but he also has the power and vocal ability that has made Tom Jones a singing legend throughout the world. The one hour Danny Roman is the voice of Tom Jones show can be performed with an 18 piece orchestra with backing singers down to a 4 piece band and the show can also come self contained. Danny started his Tom Jones tribute show in 2002 and in that short time he has performed on many select bills. He is Radio Merseyside's official Tom Jones tribute and performs at many of their organised events including singing live on radio and performing on many theatre shows with an 18 piece orchestra, backing singers and dancers. He has also been pre-match entertainment at sports stadiums covered by Sky TV. Danny Roman is associated with The Celebrity Golf Tour and is a member of Equity.

Ian Scott Tom Jones Ian Scott Click here to hear them.
A Dynamic Performance by "The Voice". Ian has a magnificent and powerful voice that is truly a match for popular music's major singing stars. Many artistes can sound like a particular star but few are great singers. Ian is a great singer as you'll see when you listen to the sound files. Tom Jones deserves nothing less from a Tom Jones tribute act. After 4 years as a cabaret artiste where he earned the title of "The Voice" - he was spotted by an agent while supporting one of the top ABBA tribute acts. He has never looked back since. A very important part of Ian's tribute to Tom Jones is the fact that he is a top look alike for Tom (employed by Celebrity Group Lookalikes London / Hollywood). This together with a great Welsh speaking voice and all Tom's mannerisms and phrasing really creates the illusion that it's the real thing! He recreates all the passion and power of a Tom Jones concert, interacting and chatting with the audience and even involving some of them on "What's New Pussycat?" They love it! Ian is an international tribute act and regularly travels round the world, playing in Bahrain, Marbella, Tenerife, Costa-Del-Sol, South of France and mainland Spain.
Steve Sinclair Tom Jones Steve Sinclair  
Steve Sinclair's Award Winning Tom Jones Tribute is one of the most requested and sought after shows in the UK and abroad. Thrilling audiences nationwide.
  Tom Jones Sam Sorano  
  Tom Jones Phil Steed  


Andy Wood Tom Jones Andy Wood  
Andy has worked in and around music for seventeen years. The majority of the time writing and recording his own material. Andy's tribute career began when he appeared on Stars in their Eyes as Michael Bolton. Since then he has travelled worldwide with his shows that now include a Ricky Martin Tribute, along with a Tom Jones show. Andy is very professional and well respected artist within the business. Without doubt one of the finest tributes to Tom Jones on the circuit today.
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Transmission Joy Division Transmission Click here to hear them
Devoted to recreating the atmosphere of a live Joy Division gig, Transmission emulate the sound of one of the most inventive, evocative and influential groups of their era. Joy Division were formed in the late 1970s and dissolved in May 1980 after the suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis. The remaining members went on to form New Order and have achieved much critical and commercial success. The influence of Joy Division, however, was far reaching. They were considered the pioneering band of the post-punk movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s. More than 20 years on you can still relive the dark cavernous sound of Joy Division through Transmission one of the leading UK tribute bands.
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