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All Weller Paul Weller All Weller Click here to hear them.
ALL WELLER - THE ULTIMATE TRIBUTE TO THE JAM, THE STYLE COUNCIL & PAUL WELLER Following his previous incarnation as lead guitarist, vocalist and Paul Weller sound-a-like in the highly acclaimed Paul Weller Experience, Paul Evans has formed a new Jam, Paul Weller and Style Council tribute band called all weller. After a decade playing to sell-out crowds all over the UK and Europe following the Britpop explosion of 1995, which Weller inadvertently spearheaded following the release of his epic Stanley Road LP, the Paul Weller Experience bought their adventure to a conclusion in 2005 with a tour of the UK and Ireland. Described as achieving the closest vocal and stage representation of Weller, Evans couldn’t resist the temptation to assemble a new line up after being approached by drummer and Weller fanatic Gary Hunsley. Bassist Charlie Fowler and keyboard player Joe Wright joined to complete the line up. With Weller’s solo career reaching yet another new peak with release of the acclaimed LP 22 Dreams, which went straight to No.1, and an enduring interest in The Jam, highlighted by former members Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler reforming as From The Jam, which has sold out tours nationwide, Paul felt the time was right to embark on a new tribute project. “I was approached by Gary who knew my old band well. After he saw Paul Weller on tour he really wanted me to do something new. I’ve always been a big fan of Weller so I was keen; especially as all the guys in the band are passionate about his music.” all weller promises to amaze audiences with its attention to detail and accurate musical representation of the man affectionately, but uncomfortably, known as the Modfather. “For us it’s all about the music. It’s important for us to go out and put on a show that does justice to Weller, as we have enormous respect for him as an artist. If our show was anything less than 100% faithful we wouldn’t be doing it,” says Paul. “We aim to capture a balance between the studio sound and a live Weller sound. This is combined with the energy and high-octane passion Weller puts into all of his live shows.” Commenting on their image, Evans explains he’s not worried about the fact he’s not a doppelganger of the Mod God. “Weller epitomises cool and anyone trying to emulate his look is a pretender. Our show is about his music, stage performance and style, and we reflect the energy and essence of that. Everyone who compares us to the other Jam/Weller tributes rates us the best by far and it’s the audience's view that counts.” From the chaos, intensity and rebellion of Punk to his position as the elder statesman of British popular music, all weller faithfully recreates every stage of Weller’s 30-year career. Songs include: In the City, Away from the Numbers, Down in The Tube Station at Midnight, In The Crowd, Mr Clean, Saturday's Kids, Going Underground, English Rose, David Watts, That's Entertainment, A Town Called Malice, All Around the World, The Modern World, Eton Rifles, Peacock Suit, Sunflower, The Changing Man, You Do Something To Me, Broken Stones, From the Floorboards Up, Come On Lets Go.
The Mod Fathers Paul Weller The Mod Fathers Click here to hear them.
If you like Paul Weller you'll love "THE MODFATHERS", from the aggression of early jam to the soul of the Style Council through to the more mature and mellow sounds of Weller's middle age productions ... it's all here... see it soon.
Well Alive Paul Weller Well Alive  
Since Paul Weller formed the Jam and signed with Polydor Records in February 1976 he has been at the leading edge of British music. From the days with the Jam, through The Style Council and into his Solo career he has inspired many successful bands and is still respected as an outstanding songwriter and musician. Paul Weller's success has spawned many tribute bands across the country. However, Well A Live tributes the Mod Father differently. We don't tribute Paul Weller we tribute the Paul Weller Live Sound. It was agreed during the conception of the band, that it wouldn't be possibly to imitate Paul Weller as there is only one Paul Weller and to copy him would be sacrilege. Instead we decided to tribute the sound and musical feel of a Live Paul Weller Gig. The band covers Paul Weller's musical history from his days with the Jam to his current Solo career. Amongst all the original songs the band also plays a selection of tracks that have inspired Mr. Weller and some that have been inspired by him. All played as the Mod Father would play them today.
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Boyzaloud Westlife Boyzaloud Click here to hear them.
Boyzaloud are the most versatile boyband working in the UK today. There are several shows to choose from including Westlife, Take That and Boyzone shows and also a combination of the all the above and a powerful club music section to finish the night. We have a fully programmed light show, special effects and a pa system if needed. The shows have been carefully put together with superb harmonies, choreographed routines and costumes to suit. All current trends and the latest songs are included to keep the show up to date whilst still retaining the classics.
Flying Without Wings Westlife Flying Without Wings Click here to hear them.
A fantastic all singing all dancing tribute to Westlife. They have the looks, the voices and even the accents to provide a first class tribute to Ireland's finest. The show is packed with No1 hits from start to finish and continues to sell out in venues across Europe and the UK time and time again.
West4life Westlife West4life Click here to hear them.
After a successful 6 months touring Mallorca (Spain) we are back in the UK and touring all over from London to Glasgow with a fantastic four piece line up we are considered the UK's leading tribute to the boyband sensation. The line up consists of Mark Stevenson, Adam Walker, Scottie Ritchie & Karl Reid. Over the period of 6 months we have performed in front of an estimated 400,000 people during the summer season and its great to be back. With a fantastic one hour show we take you through all the greatest hits covering nearly all of westlifes 14 number 1 hits. We start you with the early days of 'Swear it again' right upto 'The Rose' With an exciting new love album the show is fresh and kept right upto date to ensure the best quality westlife experience. Also we have a swing section taken from the 'Allow us to be frank' album which covers the greatest selection of swing songs taken from the rat pack.
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  Wham Wham Duran  
  Wham Tropicana  
  Wham Whamtastic  
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Shenton Dixon Barry White Shenton Dixon  

With great hits like... My first My last My everything, Let the music play, Just the way you are and The trouble with me ...Get ready for a night of Philadelphia Soul. Since the advent of Ally McBeal, the popularity of Barry White has grown throughout the world. Shenton brings back to life 'The Big Papa himself’. He emulates this larger than life man with love on his mind, he practices what he preaches and he will never ever give it up.

Barry Whide Barry White Barry Whide Click here to hear them.

Inundated with requests from his audiences to perform Barry White hits, Barry W h i d e, out of genuine respect for this great man, is now proud to present his own Barry White Tribute Show. Barry W h i d e presents the show with style thanks to the similar sound and quality of his voice.

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My Generation The Who My Generation Click here to hear them.

MY GENERATION are a group of extremely accomplished professional rock musicians that have built up the current brilliant WHO show which includes all the classics you would want to hear from Tommy, Quadraphenia, Who’s Next & The Who Live At Leeds including: Baba o riley, Pinball Wizard, Young Man Blues, The Real Me, 5:15, Who Are You & Won’t Get Fooled Again, with hits from the 60’s inc: My Generation, Pictures of Lily, Substitute, I Can’t Explain & The Kids Are Alright. They are enjoying great success with this show performing in venues & festivals throughout the U.K. MY GENERATION are not just another a look-a-like band, (although Gary Charman bears an uncanny resemblance to Roger Daltrey), there are no white boiler suits & fringe jackets etc; the music has always been the main focus. They have taken all the “WHO” classics & firmly put their own individual stamp on them with original arrangements & medleys, their efforts gaining a lot of respect throughout the music industry. It’s obvious to everyone that the band really enjoy performing together, this show has real Power & Energy, Light & Shade, culminating in an awesome Bass & Drum solo, closing the night on a real high!

Who's Next The Who Who's Next  

Who's Next was formed in the summer of 2003, and since then the band has gone from strength to strength playing to thousands of people in some of the greatest venues in both the U.K. and Europe. Who's Next are now highly regarded as the premier live tribute to The Who and give a stage show that is second to none. Who's Next are a four piece band, as were the original Who, and their performances attempt to recreate the wild rawness and originality of the original Who's live gigs. Their articulate interpretations of Townsend's pop nuggets and all-out rock anthems such as 'Substitute', 'My Generation' and 'Pinball Wizard' are showcased along with show stopping versions of 'Won't Get Fooled Again' and 'The Real Me' complete with pyrotechnics are a must for all Who fans!

My Generation The Who My Generation Click here to hear them.
My Generation are a group of extremely accomplished rock musicians that have built up the current brilliant WHO show which includes all the classics you would want to hear from Tommy, Quadraphenia, Who’s Next & The Who Live At Leeds including: Baba o riley, Pinball Wizard, Young Man Blues, The Real Me, 5:15, Who Are You & Won’t Get Fooled Again, with hits from the 60’s inc: My Generation, Pictures of Lily, Substitute, I Can’t Explain & The Kids Are Alright. They are enjoying great success with this show & have gone from strength to strength performing in venues & festivals throughout the U.K. My Generation are not a look-a-like band, (although Gary Charman bears an uncann.
Who's Who The Who Who's Who  
Who's Who is a dynamic powerful tribute band from the U.K with all of the energies, passion and angst of The Who at their peak. They recreate the classic hits whilst evoking the atmosphere of those heady times for a new generation to witness and for the older one’s to relive. Who's Who's exciting live performances with Townshend's leaping and Daltrey's microphone whirling antics receive incredible reactions country wide. But it’s not just about the theatrics; they are widely recognised and respected by their musical peers, and The Who hierarchy as the leading Who tribute style band in the country. Fans of the band include Simon Townshend, Doug Sandom (The Detours), Peter “Dougal”
Butler, John Schollar (Beachcombers) and the Moon Family. Gary,
(vocalist) has been personally praised by Pete Townshend, and their interpretation of the original sound, is widely regarded as the best (and closest) that anyone will ever get to recreating the feeling and energy of The Who at their peak! The band is a five-piece and incorporates keyboards in order to authentically reproduce the full orchestration of albums such as, 'Who's Next', 'Quadrophenia' and 'Tommy'.
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Mike Andrew Robbie Williams Mike Andrew  
Mike Andrew is fairly new to the tribute scene, but in just a short space of time has become one of, if not 'the' No 1 Robbie Williams tribute act in the UK and has even gained recognition from Robbie's own father Pete Conway. Mikes extremely unbelievable resemblance to Robbie  including his mannerism's, his look, even his cheekiness on stage, not to mention his vocal similarity,
(it's actually quite spooky!), are second to none, even down to the tattoo's. The show cover's all of Robbie's hits, starting
off with some of his slightly earlier hits such as 'Let me entertain you' and 'Millennium' and continuing all the way through to his more
recent hits such as 'Radio', 'Something beautiful', 'rudebox' and many more. With superb sound, lighting and costume changes, Mike does an incredible job of capturing the energy and charisma of this amazing superstar.
David Bradley Robbie Williams David Bradley  

David Bradley is one of the very few tributes out there that guarantee to deliver the excitement, stage presence & charisma of the great man himself. David's show is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, full of energy & keeping audiences on the edge of their seats during the entire performance. David has the  Robbie look, the sound, his cheeky wit all the way down to the tattoos making this closer to the real thing than any other tributes out there. Packing in the full Robbie Williams experience, swing songs, the attitude, charisma including all of Robbie's greatest hits from his early years of ‘Old Before I Die’ to Angels to the more later stuff including hits like ‘Feel’ & ‘Rock DJ’, you will not be disappointed with what this show offers. This is a show that needs to be seen to be believed. A truly outstanding combination of his own cheeky personality put together with nothing less than you would expect from a great Robbie Williams Tribute Show. A Robbie Tribute Like no Other!!

Matt Byrne Robbie Williams Matt Byrne  
Matt is now one of the most impressive and experienced tribute acts currently performing on the circuit and  has been impersonating Robbie since 2003. Matt stands out in this flooded market as one the best look-alike and sound-alike’s around. With all the tell tale Robbie tattoos, costume changes, mannerisms, as well as his attitude and stage presence. You will be mesmerised by this entertaining and witty performance while being drawn in with the audience participation. The show can be adapted to every type of venue, from a really intimateliving room gig in your house to a theatre or stadium. All aspects of Robbie’s career can be catered for to suit any type of audience. A full Swing show is available based on Robbie’s ‘Swing When You’re Winning’ performance at the Albert Hall,not forgetting Take That and all his other great hits.
  Robbie Williams Ollie Hughes  
  Robbie Williams He's the One  
JK Robbie Williams JK Click here to hear them.

JK was born in 1980 he lives in the Northwest of England, he has been a singer / actor / entertainer since the day he was born. He performs in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Dubai, Guernsey, Jersey and has plans to perform in Australia!. Doing Live performances, Radio, newspapers and the odd TV show. He now has the biggest LIVE BAND behind him that most artistes could only dream of. His theatre show is world class. With magnificent staging and an incredible light show with more explosions than you would see on bonfire night! Voted the Balearic Islands top tribute artiste two years running with a total audience of over 1 million people over the two tours. He pulls out all the stops to ensure that the show remains the best.

  Robbie Williams Let Me Entertain You  
  Robbie Williams Danny Lowry  
Andy McGowan Robbie Williams Andy McGowan  

Andy McGowan performs an exceptional Robbie Williams look and sound-alike, very popular and is booked for repeat performances time after time. Andy performs his superb Robbie tribute as a solo artist or with the Supreme Dancers and has worked corporate events alongside Kylie tribute Sammi Jaye, to provide a brilliant full evenings entertainment. The show comes to your venue complete with backdrop and full PA system and has experience of working in the UK and Overseas. Andy is also available as a Robbie Williams look-alike for that meet and mingle party.

Lee Michaels Robbie Williams Lee Michaels  
Lee Michaels is the Ultimate Robbie Tribute. With all the moves, mannerisms and vocal talents of the prince of pop himself, Lee offers a super 1 hour show. Packed with William's top hits including Rock DJ, Let Me Entertain You, Angels and many more. Lee has been a professional vocalist / entertainer for around ten years now, but literally exploded onto the scene of tribute acts in early 2004. His expressions, sound and performance are the same cheeky flamboyant style of Robbie Williams. His performances are literally stunning. Already famed throughout the North and Midlands of England, Lee has recently been making inroads into Scandinavia with a number of high profile and extremely successful appearances in Norway along with major festival and cruising shows in Finland and the Baltic Seas.
  Robbie Williams Millennium  
Mr Williams Robbie Williams Mr Williams Click here to hear them.
Being a tribute act to one of the greatest entertainers on the planet is a daunting task not to be undertaken lightly, which is why we had to get it right and David Brisk was the only man for the job. MTV said "everything he does is so Robbie".
Lee Pashley Robbie Williams Lee Pashley Click here to hear them
He's The One', a fun, energetic show dedicated to the sheer brilliance that is Robbie Williams, executed with point blank accuracy by the uniquely talented Lee Pashley. Already an established vocalist in his own right, Lee Pashley relives the magic and essence that is Robbie. His breathtaking tribute combines Robbie's trademark arrogance with his own natural humour. Lee gives an electrifying stage performance which shakes the audience to the core and leaves them aching for more. Lee has been touring the UK, regularly singing to ecstatic crowds who can't believe the vocal excellence of his portrayal. Lee is often asked if he mimes to the real thing - a compliment indeed!
  Robbie Williams Paul Reason  
Rob Idol Robbie Williams Rob Idol  
ROB IDOL is one of the most established and well respected Robbie Williams tribute shows in the UK. He has performed as the Top Robbie Tribute in Tenerife for 2 years, when he was approached by the leading production company in Spain to take over the prestigious role of THE Robbie tribute in Majorca. He has now appeared out there for 2 successful seasons, the show has grown and taken on a life of its own with live band, dancers and backing singer. Rob Idol firmly believes he breaks the mould of Tribute artistes. He has been to Robbie concerts, studied every DVD he has released, all so that he can master his moves - even down to the flicking of the microphone! Tim says ‘I would only perform a show that I as a fan would be proud of, and the man himself would be happy with´. Not only does Rob Idol study his moves, he also goes to endless lengths to look like the man himself. From his hair, clothes, the stick he uses in the show, and even has the authentic tattoos, such as the one behind his ear and the maori design on his arm! Tim even has his own tattoo tribute to Robbie with the RW logo with the writing ‘Robbie, grant me serenity´ above and ‘Born to be mild' below. His live show is a match for any Robbie Williams tribute band in the World.
  Robbie Williams The Robbie Williams Experience  
The Robbie Williams Experience was formed when two established Robbie tribute acts combined to form the ultimate tribute band to the new king of pop. David Michael has worked as a Robbie lookalike and sound-alike for over 5 years, building up an enviable reputation as probably the best lookalike act to the great man himself. His tribute act has impressed many audiences at major venues throughout the UK and abroad, including Spain and Malta. With his irrepressible voice, look, style and charisma, he is renowned for his energetic, passionate performances that mimic the original so well that people have to wonder if they are witnessing the real thing. Don’t look twice, it’s Robbie Williams. His likeness to the real Robbie has been used to great effect where he has been involved with numerous TV and promotional ventures. To complete the band, the musicians have spent over 7 years performing Robbie’s songs as the main part of ‘Live Thru A Lens”, an act that built a reputation as the then premier live tribute to Robbie. The band had gone from strength to strength, building their reputation at venues all over the UK and impressing everyone that saw them with their music and showmanship that was second to none. Fate must have intervened when David was looking to compile a group of musicians to take his act to another level. At the same time, ‘Live Thru A Lens’ were looking for a new front man to make the ultimate Robbie Live Experience. This joining of forces has produced an act that will shake the other Robbie tributes to their boots. There have been pretenders and contenders, but now there is the one and only Robbie Williams Experience, the best tribute you will find, bar none. The band perform a mixture of hits, creating the sound, mannerisms and stage persona perfectly, from the early days of ‘Old Before I Die’ through to the latest singles and album tracks, all performed live on stage with costume changes to reflect the changing styles of Robbie. With Robbie’s hits covering many styles, The Robbie Williams Experience can tailor a show to suit many different venues and occasions. If you wish to experience the ultimate Robbie Williams show, then there is no other option – The Robbie Williams Experience will give you what you expect and more.
  Robbie Williams Robbie's Angels  
Robbing Williams Robbie Williams Robbing Williams  
Formed in the autumn of 1999 by singer Marc Hockley, Robbing Williams quickly became one of the most popular tribute shows in the UK. They have to date played over 1,000 shows in the UK alone, as well as live shows in Ireland, The Channel Islands, Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland & The Middle East. The touring show covers the full range of venue's, from parties & clubs to theatres & festivals either as a duo (with live guitar) or with a band scalable from the regular 4 piece to the epic 12 piece. Band members are made up of International session musicians with current regulars having played with: Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Lionel Ritchie, Gabrielle, Mr. Mister, Chicane, Tom Jones, Westlife, Delta Goodrem & Jamie Cullum to name but a few. Marc is Robbing Williams, the alter-ego has landed. Top Robbie sound-a-like Marc recreates perfectly the pure entertainment that is Robbie Williams with a bang up to date show including all the hits, tracks from the current album Intensive Care and even the new single 'Rudebox'! Recent client's include Chicago Rock Cafe, Jumpin' Jaks, Butlins, Brannigans, Tenants Bass Group, The Marriott & Hilton Hotel Chains, Signal Radio, Galaxy FM & BFBS Radio One as well as university's, hotels, nightclubs, theatres as well as live venues and festivals the country over. In 2005, the band supported Alanis Morrisette and has even supported Jason Donovan (in February 2002), when asked about it Marc said 'Rob got to work with Kylie, we got to work with Jason... I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles..' The closest there is to an official tribute, the band even supported Jonathan Wilkes at the launch party for his single 'Just Another Day' held at the King's Hall, Stoke on Trent.
  Robbie Williams Paul Warren  
Andy Wilsher Robbie Williams Andy Wilsher Click here to hear them
This show is full of thrills and attitude. It includes Robbie’s greatest hits such as “Let Me Entertain You”, “Rock DJ”, “Angels”, “Feel”, “Millennium”, “Something Beautiful”, "Radio", "Trippin" and many more. He even does a couple of Take That hits (Could It Be Magic and a fantastic medley of “Pray, Everything Changes and Relight My Fire”!) This act has a fantastic light show and is truly just like the real thing, right down to the tattoos.
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Amy Wynehouse Band Amy Winehouse Amy Wynehouse Band Click here to hear them
Amy Wynehouse, the UK'S 1st 10 piece totally LIVE tribute band to the music of Ms. Amy Winehouse, featuring the epic soundalike / lookalike talents of Miss Nicola-Marie Europe's No.1 professional Amy imitator. Backed by a tight, professional band, including 3 piece brass section, backing singers, rhythm section playing all the hits from the Grammy award wining & 10 million+ selling "Back to Black" classic album. The band aim to provide a true and accurate tribute to Amy's music, also adding classic cover versions done in Amy's inimitable style. With awesome vocals and perfect mannerisms you'll feel that you have attended a true Amy Winehouse concert.
Nicola Marie Amy Winehouse Nicola Marie Click here to hear them
Nicola Marie is a superb Amy Winehouse tribute act, presenting an unrivalled tribute show to this truly unique performer. She looks like her and sings exactly like her too! From a very early age Nicola devoted herself to dancing and in 1994 she was awarded a £32,000 grant to further her dance training at one of London's top stage schools. It was here that she developed a passion for singing and acting. In 1995 Nicola joined Rank Leisure as principal female singer for all production shows on the east coast. After three years she was given the opportunity to perform in her own show, supported by a fantastic live five piece band and six female dancers. She regularly performed to audiences of up to 3,500 people. In 1998 Nicola decided to further her career and broaden her horizons, she left the Rank organisation and became the lead singer in a band on a Canadian cruise ship in the Caribbean. Upon returning to England she was approached by Bourne Leisure to front a new group called 'Prime Time', supporting well known artistes such as Jimmy James, Bobby Davro and many others. In 2002 she formed a girl trio 'Breathless', she fully produced and choreographed this critically acclaimed show "Exceptional choreography with an excellent vocal blend" (The Stage Newspaper). They toured throughout the UK and became extremely popular on the nightclub circuit. Nicola is available for private functions and corporate events where her naturally effervescent personality and energetic style are always extremely well received.
Miss Winehouse Amy Winehouse Miss Winehouse Click here to hear them
Miss Winehouse has hit the tribute world with an almighty bang, with her tribute to the one and only Amy Winehouse! Not only does Miss Winehouse have the original soul / jazz sound of her idol, quirky dance moves and not to mention the look, with her huge beehive, tattoos and all! She does one better than the real thing... she turns up to her gigs, sober and on time! What more could a true Winehouse fan ask for? It's no wonder she's the UK's no.1 Amy Winehouse tribute artist. Kelly performs solo with top quality backing tracks or with her full live band including brass section dependent on venue and requirements. The show is up to 60 minutes long, covering the Back To Black album, songs from her first album Frank and other songs covered by Amy Winehouse. Miss Winehouse is fully self contained with PA, lights and backdrop making this show suitable for any venue.
Tania Amy Winehouse Tania Click here to hear them
Tania began her tribute to the award winning Amy Winehouse in July 07 and its taking London by storm. Tania has a special passion for this tribute as she is impersonating one of her favourite singers of all time and it shows in her performance, she has perfected the unique style and sound that Amy is so famous for, but the best part of having Tania to entertain you is, unlike the Real Amy, she wont be drunk and she will definitely turn up.
Vicky Amy Winehouse Vicky  

Vicky is well known throughout the entertainment industry as one of the finest acts available and her Amy Winehouse Tribute Show has been going down a storm in the UK and Europe, attracting bookings from as far afield as Dubai during 2009, her second full year performing as Amy. Vicky Jackson continues to be the number one tribute to the British jazz superstar, and has perfected the movements and mannerisms that on that make this Amy Winehouse Tribute stand out from the rest. Furthermore, as a huge fan of the ever popular Miss Winehouse, Vicky has been attending her live shows since 2005 and has perfected the distinctive jazz sound of Winehouse’s live vocals that have made her one of the most distinctive performers of this generation and Vicky the finest tribute to Amy Winehouse on the circuit.

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Shenton Dixon Stevie Wonder Shenton Dixon  
I just called, Isn't she Lovely, For Once in my Life, My Cherie Amour, Uptight, Sir Duke, Superstition, Sign Sealed Delivered, Part Time Lover, Master Blaster, Do I Do, Happy Birthday, to ya to name but a few of the songs in this show. What ever you do, Don't Miss The Party! Shenton's portrayal as Stevie wonder is simply sensational. The show is jam packed with classic Motown combine this with his infectious Charismatic personality and incredible vocal ability we simple sail though the show with hit after hit for a wonderful evening that will leave you saying "Isn't He Lovely".
  Stevie Wonder Peter Elliott  

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The Mangled Wurzels Wurzels The Mangled Wurzels  

Formed in 2005, The Mangledwurzels are all experienced musicians who have graced a wide variety of stages and venues throughout the country. The Mangledwurzels effortlessly convey their innate sense of fun and humour to their audiences both through the song lyrics and their performance, and can be guaranteed to satisfy any size of audience regardless of age, gender or musical preferences. Based in the West Country, with the majority of the band born and bred in Somerset, The Mangledwurzels are in the ideal position to produce a genuine West Country Scrumpy & Western sound.

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